• Handle key document management.
  • Make custom forms available to users.
  • Offer an integrated document validation and dissemination workflow.
  • Ensure traceability and tracking of documents online.


  • Time-saving form creation.
  • Simplified sharing and distribution of documents.

  • Improved document version control.
  • Simplified archiving of documents.
  • Instant generation of statistics from data entered.


Documenteo® is designed for use in different business processes. Our business-orientated software offers turn-key solutions or bespoke implementation for specific customer needs. The simple and intuitive interface and functionality of this software provides immediate usability.

The software offers electronic document management (EDM) set-up, enabling authorised users to access all company documents that have been made available to them (e.g. procedures, documents, internal notes, instructions, etc.). Access to documents is limited by the rights defined for each user.

This tool also allows such documents to be converted into electronic forms that can be configured to meet specific needs (internal audit, quality management, nonconformity reports, waste monitoring, management of staff training and authorisation, medical monitoring, etc.).

A validation workflow can be defined for each form created. Configuration of the validation procedure includes defining facilitators responsible for document availability (editor, validator, approver). Mailing lists can also be defined for each type of form.

The software offers automatic delivery of approved documents. Each facilitator receives notifications informing them when a new document has been uploaded (for use or for information). Active documents are stored in a shared library accessed by all authorised users. The software permits document updates according to the revision indices defined during the configuration. Each revision is subject to a new validation procedure according to pre-defined rules.

The data entered can be used in the form of trend charts or represented graphically.


  • Ability to set up own forms.
  • Definition of document validation procedures.
  • Notification of facilitators via messaging.
  • Automated delivery of approved documents.
  • Document update management.
  • Generation of performance indicators and trend charts from the forms.



Corporate social responsibility Social responsibility forms Management reports, etc.
Human resources HR forms Assessment of new arrivals, holiday request forms,
annual follow-up of training, etc.
Occupational health & safety Occupational safety forms Prevention plans, safety registers & protocols, etc.
Property – public establishments Buildings forms Safety registers, maintenance plans, etc.
Energy efficiency Energy performance forms Meter readings (water, gas, electricity),
recording of controls, etc.
Environment Environment forms Waste register, safety instructions,
operating instructions, effluent measurement results, etc.
Industrial safety Industrial safety forms Internal company processes, procedures and documents,
machinery maintenance registration, etc.
Security Security forms Internal operation plans, special intervention plans
IT security IT security forms IT stock management, etc.
Food safety Food safety forms Deviations register, corrective actions register, etc.
Quality Quality forms Internal company processes, procedures and documents,
machine maintenance register, etc.