Preventeo software can interface with any information system that is able to import or export data.

The implementation of interfaces between the Preventeo platform and the client’s information systems enables:

  • Integration of client data in any format from a flat file (CSV, XLS, TXT) or XML.

  • Reliable data integration.

  • Initialisation of the client platform from the start of deployment (import of existing data).

  • Avoidance of data duplication, guaranteeing the integrity of shared data.

  • Security of data that is exchanged between systems (encryption using various protocols).

  • Definition of specific client management rules (inclusion of specific logic).

Data files can be imported/exported between Preventeo and the client’s information system:

  • Manually: To leave the user free to carry out data imports at their own pace, import modules specific to each software module in the Preventeo range can be implemented within the framework-specific extensions tailored to the client’s needs.

  • Automatically: In the event that the client wishes to automate the regular import of a data file from major ERP publishers (such as SAP), Preventeo is able to set up an import module for data exchange and file integration (using the SFTP protocol).

The import and export of data files from/to a third-party information system will be subject to a detailed study depending on the nature of the data to be imported/exported, its format and structure, exchange modes, etc.

Actual examples: