Preventeo provides advice, training and expert support to new users of its software and business solutions.


Audits of compliance with international standards or internal requirements

  • Definition of a questionnaire designed to carry out audits or self-diagnostics (open / closed / mixed questions).

  • Definition of responses and help provided to respondents.

  • Design of the human–machine interface to be used by respondents for completing the questionnaire.

  • Implementation of a scoring method to evaluate the maturity of a repository.

  • Definition of conditions and constraints to be included in questionnaires (e.g. mandatory action to be taken in the case of a non-compliance with an internal requirement).

  • Definition of the workflow to be implemented to validate responses and proposed actions.

  • Definition of audit reports to formalise the performance of the management system.

Intervention modes

  • Onsite training day: designed to define your needs and introduce the software settings that must be configured by sector and type of activity.

  • A WebEx session: to validate and confirm reception of implemented configurations.

NB: The duration of this depends on the scope of the project (number of activities, sites, stakeholders, users, etc.).