• Offer a regularly updated chemical product base.
  • Perform chemical risk assessments and prioritise risks.
  • Communicate work-related risks to collaborators.

  • Define areas for improvement.


  • Reliability of data collected in product inventories.
  • Uniformity of evaluations between entities.
  • Simplified reporting.
  • Simplified results sharing and dissemination.


Chimiteo® is designed for use in different business processes. Our business-orientated software offers turn-key solutions or bespoke implementation for specific customer needs. The simple and intuitive interface and functionality of this software provides immediate usability.

The software enables preliminary establishment of an exhaustive inventory of the chemicals used in the company. This inventory can be based on the information contained in the safety data sheets. The software offers automatic retrieval of this data from an XML file. When the inventory is performed, products that have expired or are unused will be eliminated, so that all users have access to a library of products that are actually stored and used.

This tool enables the specific evaluation and analysis of chemical risks using rating criteria such as hazard, duration of exposure, flammability, quantity used, protective measures implemented, procedure, source of ignition, skin contact, etc. The combination of these criteria allows the calculation of a potential risk score, which sets the risk assessment priorities for a work unit or group.

After the evaluation, the software can publish sheets listing job safety descriptions, products used, and PPE to be worn. These sheets can be used as a communication medium during safety meetings or displayed directly at workstations.

Finally, the software allows individual exposure monitoring by archiving individual exposure forms for each employee.


  • Ability to set up own rating criteria.

  • Five assessment methods (inhalation, skin contact, fire, environment, working conditions).

  • Synchronization of information between occupational and chemical risk assessments.

  • Definition of the potential of each product to cause harm.

  • Real-time updates of hazadous situations (risk exposure) in the occupational risk assessment appendix (single document).

  • Individual follow-up of exposures.


  • Interfacing with information systems hosting safety data sheets (MSDS).
  • Database management enables maintenance of an accurate and up-to-date chemical inventory (e.g. product name, manufacturer, risk phrases, flash point, vapor pressure, OEL, etc.).
  • Identification of products stored, used or disposed of.
  • Hazardous Chemical Substitution tool.
  • Identification of products used during tasks exposed to chemical risks.
  • Measurement of exposure (OEL).
  • Provision of a library of mandatory PPE used in the company.
  • Chemical risk assessment based on custom criteria.
  • Potential for harm.
  • Updating risk results and appendix to the Single Document.
  • Publication of the job safety description.
  • Extraction of raw data.
  • Downloading of product sheets.
  • Publication of individual exposure records.
  • Publication of product labels.


Occupational health & safety Chemical risk assessment Chemical product inventory, chemical risk assessment,
job description, individual exposure sheet.