• Conduct internal audits.
  • Publish audit reports.
  • Manage improvement action plans.


  • Uniformity and accessibility of all documents related to the audit.
  • Digitisation of audits.
  • Time-saving reporting.

  • Simple sharing and dissemination of results.
  • Mobility solutions.


Maturiteo® is designed for use in different business processes. Our business-orientated software offers turn-key solutions or bespoke implementation for specific customer needs. The simple and intuitive interface and functionality of this software provides immediate usability.

The software is fully configurable and suitable for all types of audits (internal control, quality audit, field measurements, computer security audit, financial audit, security checks, etc.). An administrative space allows you to define your data entry forms and set your own calculation methods (score definitions, weighting, mean, etc.). Some inspection points may be subject to mandatory requirements.

The software also allows you to build your audit plans by identifying planned control points, audit campaign facilitators, deadlines and objectives etc. All participants in an audit can communicate within a single platform. Mobile staff can enter information directly from the field using mobile devices (PDA, Pocket PC).

This tool ensures the uniformity and accessibility of all documents related to the audit (audit plan, non-conformity report, audit report, action form, etc.). Facilitators can incorporate photos from the field and attach them to their audit reports. After validation, the recommendations feed directly into an action plan.

The software also provides consolidated audit reports. Targeted indicators enable regular monitoring of overall entity function or of specific activities.


  • Configuration of audit matrices and data entry forms.

  • Definition of audit plan, simplified by themes.

  • Definition of objectives, planning of tasks and facilitators.

  • Monitoring of progress in line with the audit programme.

  • Validation of completed audits.

  • Production of audit reports and performance indicators.

  • Validation of audit recommendations and definition of appropriate action plans.



Corporate social responsibility Social responsibility audits CSR audits, ISO 26001 audit
Human resources Workforce audit Corporate climate audit, psychosocial audit,
turnover audit, ISO 30405, etc.
Occupational health & safety Audits relating to occupational health & safety Safety reporting, internal safety audit, RPS diagnostics,
safety policy self-assessment, OHSAS 18001, etc.
Property – public establishments Building audits Internal fire audit (insurance regulations),
electricity (safety certificates), etc.
Energy efficiency Energy performance audits Energy audits, ISO 50001 audit
Environment Environmental audits EMAS eco-audit, ISO 14001 audit, etc.
Industrial safety Internal audit ISO 28000, internal repository for production
network design, operation and maintenance, etc.
Security Safety policy self-assessment ISO 34001, basic safety rules,
AIEA safety standards, etc.
IT security IT risk audits IT security audits, ISO 27001,
ISO 22301, ISO 15408, ISO 31000, etc.
Food safety Food safety audits Audit HACCP, FSSC 22000, ISO 22001, IFS, BRC, etc.
Quality Quality audits Internal inspections, ISO 9001, ISO 10006, etc.