Preventeo provides advice, training and expert support to new users of its software and business solutions.


Management of incidents / accident investigations (feedback from experience)

  • Categorisation of the organisation that is the subject of the analysis / investigation.

  • Detailed study of the case.

  • Declaration of unwanted events (incidents, hazardous situations, accidents, etc.).

  • Analysis of accident causes and links to risk analysis.

  • Workflow presentation.

  • Presentation of reports and dashboards.

  • Action plan presentation.

  • Principals for the communication of summaries, feedback, and other official documents to be provided to regulatory bodies.

Intervention modes

  • Training tailored to different user profiles and levels of knowledge:

    • Onsite training (1–2 days for 1–10 users).
    • WebEx training (2–3 hour session for 1–10 users)
  • Direct support provided as part of the application (guides, instructions, information sheets).

  • Customised training kits.


Definition of methodology to be used for incident / accident management

  • Presentation of the principal methodologies that can be deployed by activity and type of business.

  • Definition of the most appropriate methodology given the organisation and available resources.

  • Validation of expected functions, customisation options, interfaces, workflow, HMI, data and knowledge bases.

Intervention modes

  • Onsite training: to define your needs and introduce the software settings that must be configured by sector and type of activity.

  • WebEx session: to validate and confirm reception of implemented configurations.

NB: Duration of this depends on the scope of the project (number of activities, sites, stakeholders, users, etc.).