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  • Identify hazards and risk situations
  • Conduct a risk assessment and prioritise risks.
  • Communicate identified risks to collaborators
  • Identify areas for improvement


  • Traceability of collected data
  • Uniformity of assessments across entities.
  • Time-saving report creation
  • Simple sharing and dissemination of results.


Evaluteo® is designed for use in different business processes. Our business-orientated software offers turn-key solutions or bespoke implementation for specific customer needs. The simple and intuitive interface and functionality of this software provides immediate usability.

The software the analysis and assessment of risks using rating criteria and knowledge bases specific to the client. It is designed to encourage the development of sectoral knowledge bases (hazards / risk situations / risks / preventative measures) in user communities and to roll out risk assessments by entity (e.g. role, business, process, production equipment, etc.).

This tool offers control function that enables administration of data entered by local teams. The administrator can validate and pool new evaluations, facilitating knowledge sharing. Notifications are sent to users to inform them of updates made by administrators.

The software offers publication of risk assessments, which can serve as a communication medium for local teams. These sheets set out the significant risks and incidents that have occurred within the analysed entity and suggest preventive, corrective or remedial measures.

Finally, the software enables performance monitoring of risk management processes by publishing a customisable report in the form of trend charts for indicators arising from the risk analyses. The software also offers publication of risk maps by business sector.


  • Ability to set up own rating criteria

  • Synchronization of information between risk assessments, regulatory compliance, incident and accident reporting, and action plans

  • Validation and sharing of knowledge bases specific to the company

  • Administrative assessments module allows sharing of best practices

  • Simultaneous updating of action plans and risk assessments

  • Automatic generation of risk assessment forms for managers



Social Analysis of the potential risks to the social climate Risk of conflict, strikes, poor quality of social
dialogue, turnover, loss of key players, etc.
Health & safety at work Analysis of professional risks Single document, job description, prevention plan
Energy efficiency Energy analysis Energy performance audit
Environment Environmental risk assessment Analysis of exposure to blood or other bodily fluids
Industrial safety Analysis of company risks Financial, strategic, legal,
economic or reputational risks
Security Analysis of security risks Threat and risk assessment
Cybersecurity and freedom Analysis of IT risks Confidential data breaches, computer viruses,
equipment malfunction, intrusion into computer systems, etc.
Food safety Food risk analysis HACCP
Quality Operational risk analysis Risk of failure of internal controls and procedures