Once a solution has been deployed, Preventeo provides online and telephone support to its users during normal business hours.

Once a request has been received from a user, the Preventeo support consultant establishes with the client the nature of assistance needed, and its priority given the service agreement.

Three types of support are offered:

  • Service linked to optimal use of the software.
    These services are handled by a dedicated operational consultant (business expert).

  • Legal/technical services related to the use of regulatory/business databases (Human Resources / Occupational Health and Safety / Maintenance / Property / Facilities Management / Environment / Energy Efficiency / Industrial Safety / Security / Food Safety / Quality – Operational Performance / IT Security / Legal. These services are supported by a dedicated operational consultant (business expert / lawyer).

  • Corrective maintenance services related to software problems encountered by users.
    These services are handled by a support consultant and/or computing engineer.