• Conduct a compliance assessment using interactive questionnaires updated periodically (e.g. quarterly).
  • Access automated and consolidated compliance indicators.
  • Manage compliance action plans.


  • Simple compliance analysis.
  • Reliability of periodically updated information (e.g. quarterly)
  • Time-saving in reporting.
  • Simple sharing and dissemination of results.
  • Efficient compliance action management.


Conformiteo® is designed for use in different business processes. Our business-orientated software offers turn-key solutions or bespoke implementation for specific customer needs. The simple and intuitive interface and functionality of this software provides immediate usability.

The software enables evaluation of compliance with legal, regulatory and internal requirements using questionnaires developed and periodically updated by Preventeo engineers and lawyers. Questionnaires comprising regulatory requirements are updated quarterly to reflect regulatory developments. Compliance assessments on the same topic can be carried out across several levels of organisation simultaneously, saving time and increasing efficiency.

The software also enables consolidated reporting of the compliance assessment results for a given organizational level (subsidiary, establishment, site, sector, process, activity, etc.), to transfer and automatically translate areas of noncompliance into actions in the action plan. The action plan also offers customised decision support criteria, facilitating the identification of priority actions.

Updating the action plan instantly updates the evaluation questionnaires, compliance reports and key performance indicators.

Finally, at each regulatory update, the software suggests an evaluation of the new requirements to ensure the rate of progress is in line with the objectives set.


  • Accessibility of legal information via transcription into specific requirements.

  • Provision of customised questionnaires.

  • Logical and interactive compliance assessment questionnaires.

  • Access to support directly resulting from regulation and case law.

  • Performance indicators and action plans generated in real time from answers given in the questionnaires.

  • Synchronised updates of action plans and evaluation questionnaires.



Social responsibility Compliance assessment questionnaires CSR regulatory compliance:
commercial codes, labour codes, environmental regulations
Human resources Compliance assessment questionnaires Regulatory compliance relating to
employment law:

Labour code, agreements at the collective, industry, group
and company levels, etc.
Occupational health & safety Compliance assessment questionnaires Regulatory compliance in occupational safety:
Labour code, building and habitation regulations, public health
regulations, traffic regulations, etc.
Property – public establishments Compliance assessment questionnaires Regulatory compliance relating to buildings:
Building and habitation regulations, fire safety regulations, earthquake risk, etc.
Energy efficiency Compliance assessment questionnaires Regulatory compliance relating to
energy efficiency:
Environmental regulations (energy audits,
thermal regulation of buildings, etc.),
energy regulations, etc.
Environment Compliance assessment questionnaires Environmental compliance:
Environmental regulations (water, air, waste, ICPE, etc.),
public health regulations, prefectoral decrees, etc.
Industrial safety Regulatory compliance questionnaires Industrial safety compliance:
Environmental regulations, gas network safety (client
repository), etc.
Security Regulatory compliance questionnaires Safety compliance:
Internal security regulations, traffic regulations,
general local authorities code, defence code, etc.
IT security Regulatory compliance questionnaires IT security compliance:
Computing and freedom laws, European data protection
regulation, IT security and critical infrastructure
protection, defence code, etc.
Food safety Compliance assessment questionnaires Food safety regulations:
European regulations Nos. 852/2004 and 853/2004
(food hygiene), 315/95 (food contact), etc.
Quality Regulatory compliance relating to products and services sold by the company Regulatory compliance for products and
services sold by the company:
European regulations, decrees, etc.