Preventeo’s clients constitute a community of experts (QSE, HR, operational professionals, etc.).

They are partners in the truest sense, who contribute on a daily basis to the sharing of best practices and the development of new solutions.


Membership is limited to users of Preventeo’s software; these companies can designate one or more representatives.

Membership is free.

A two-day conference is held annually.


The Club’s activities are bidirectional:

For clients:

  • Share knowledge and experience.

  • Organise joint projects.

  • Advise prospective clients on the range of Preventeo products and solutions.

For Preventeo:

  • Guide work to improve Preventeo software.

  • Identify feature requests.

  • Monitor the quality of Preventeo’s products and services.


Members can organise their own groups to discuss strategy focused on specific issues.
These discussion groups set the agenda for workshops.
The Preventeo Users’ Club is organised into “Working Groups”.

The work of these groups remains confidential, and the outcome of the discussions is disseminated exclusively to users of the Preventeo platform.