• Report and analyse incidents
  • Archive and share incident analysis reports
  • Communicate significant events to institutions
  • Communicate significant events to collaborators
  • Define areas for improvement


  • Online management of incidents
  • Traceability of collected data
  • Time-saving incident report creation
  • Simple results sharing and dissemination via a workflow


Rexteo® is designed for use in different business processes. Our business-orientated software offers turn-key solutions or bespoke implementation for specific customer needs. The simple and intuitive interface and functionality of this software provides immediate usability.

The software enables the preparation of a complete initial inventory of incidents that have occurred in the company (e.g. operational incidents, accidents at work, hazardous situations, etc.).

This inventory can be based on the information contained in internal reporting systems. Among other things, the software offers automatic retrieval of this data from an XML/XLS file.

The software allows reporting of new events from customized forms and analysis of the events according to the methodology chosen by the company.

The analysis can incorporate the characteristics, circumstances and consequences of each event.

The software enables:

  • detailed analysis of underlying causes and identification of compounding factors,
  • listing of lessons to be drawn from incidents and defining corrective actions to be put in place,
  • real-time tracking of incident indicators via customised trend charts,
  • automatic communication of significant events to institutions/stakeholders,
  • internal distribution of “summary sheets” presenting the incidents that have occurred, the immediate and delayed consequences, as well as the measures taken to avoid recurrence.

Each event includes a validation circuit to verify and approve the analysis carried out. Once validated, the analysis is published to a shared library.


  • Configurable incident reporting form.

  • Interfacing with other information systems allows periodic retrieval of data collected by local teams.

  • Detailed root cause analysis.

  • Single database updated in real time by different entities within the organisation.

  • Sharing of analyses via a workflow.

  • Real-time indicator tracking, publication of summaries and statistics, and creation of trend charts.

  • Publication and sharing of incident analysis reports.



Social Management of collective disputes and labour disputes Reporting of collective disputes and labour disputes
Health & safety at work Management of occupational accidents and illnesses Reporting of situations, incidents and accidents at
work, analysis of causes, etc.
Energy efficience Management of anomalies and non-conformities
related to energy loss
Reporting of anomalies and non-conformities
related to energy loss, cause analysis
Environment Environmental incident and accident management Reporting and analysis of incidents, accidents and pollution;
accident and incident reporting register
Industrial safety Anomaly, damage and malfunction management Reporting and analysis of anomalies and malfunctions
observed in products and services sold by the company
Security Management of security incidents Analysis and investigation of incidents and malicious behaviour
Cybersecurity and freedom Management of incidents related to IT Reporting and analysis incidents related to IT
Food safety Management of incidents related to food safety Reporting of incidents related to food safety
Quality Management of anomalies, damage and malfunctions Reporting and analysis of anomalies and malfunctions
observed in products and services sold by the company