Monitoring & Compliance Focus: WORKFORCE

Reglementeo® SOCIAL allows the management of group, business and institutional agreements in a single, centralised and SaaS-based database, while harmonising them with legal and regulatory texts and industry agreements.


Management of internal agreements

  • Benefit from a clear, centralised and up-to-date basis for your internal agreements and legal and conventional texts
  • Automatically and in real-time determine the perimeter of signed texts and/or those applicable to each organisational entity
  • Receive notifications of new applicable texts, new texts adopted within the group, and texts approaching expiry
  • Using a multi-criteria search engine, simply identify provisions of internal agreements affected by new legal, regulatory or conventional provisions

Compliance assessment

  • Draw up lists of social obligations applicable to given situations (comparison of legal, industry and internal provisions to establish an audit framework for the applicable rules)
  • Verify compliance of internal agreements and business practices based on a customised audit trail
  • Use reporting and action plans associated with compliance assessments
  • Manage customised regulatory and specific social indicators

Negotiation management

  • Track the history of previous agreements/amendments and changes in the organization over time
  • See measures of decision aids by themes and companies (benchmarking agreements, trade union agreements, etc.)
  • Ensure cohesion of actions and negotiations within the group
  • Diagnose anomalies that may give rise to legal uncertainty in internal agreements (failure to respect negotiation procedures, detection of “missing” actions, ambiguous wording, etc.)

Regulatory sources

  • Labour codes, national interprofessional agreements, etc.
  • Collective, national and local branch agreements, extension notices, draft agreements and notices, etc.
  • Group, business and establishment agreements
  • Interpretative notes on internal agreements, etc.
  • Agreements of methods, minutes of disagreement, etc.

Key figures

  • 250 themes
  • 1,000 texts