Monitoring & Compliance Focus: ENVIRONMENT


  • Comply with national and European environmental regulations
  • Comply with ISO 14001
  • Implement an environmental management system

Regulatory sources

  • Environmental codes (water, air, waste, facilities classified for environmental protection, technology risks, natural hazards, products, etc.)
  • Public health codes (toxicovigilance, etc.)
  • Bylaws for the abovementioned codes
  • European regulations, directives and decisions
  • Drafts and proposals of national and European texts
  • Prefectural authorization orders for operating a facility classified for environmental protection; authorisation relating to structures, works and activities; spill agreements, etc.

Key figures

  • 300 themes (water, air, waste, risks, urban planning, etc.)
  • 1,000 themes (environmental protection)
  • 20,400 requirements (excluding specific client requirements)